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Christine has a million ideas but
no development or manufacturing skills or funding .

Christine had an great idea for a -new product brand her child would love, so——she shared it on the our invention platform. Our skilled renderers, sketchers, and children’s toy enthusiasts in our group helped strengthen her idea for submission. In turn, she shared some of her pie revenue (i.e., a cut of the revenue stream the product may make ) with the people that helped out the most.

She submitted her idea to Michaels team, for real time product evaluation. It was selected as having potential, so we pitched it to one of our big brand partners. They loved it so much, we decided to make it real!
If the had not wanted to move forward we have a second tier where we may make it real without them .

As her product sold very well indeed , she made good money—and the world got access to a great invention and product .and she sees our name each month on her bank statement in payments allowing her time to create more ideas and inventions.

mike, sue, and steve invent best
after a pizza.

Inventing in a small group is super easy with Michael team . Utilizing mikes technical know-how, Susan’s creativity, and Steve’s 3D-modeling skills and design skills , they all collaborated privately to complete an amazing idea submission. Together, they agreed to share the pie (i.e., a cut of the product revenue pie ).

Their idea submission was voted for at our, website and office product evaluation assessment meeting . We then pitched it to one of our brand partners and sister companies, who gave it the go ahead and green light for the product development and manufacturing. Action team to take it over with constant feedback to the original team .

As their invention sold amazingly well , they all made money. Now for their next bright idea…

David didn’t think he could make good money with his late-night hobbies .

He originally wanted to offer up his prized 3D rendering skills for Michael team, so he looked through the open projects until he found a promising idea submission that needed rendering help. David’s work was so impressive, Michael was picked for another project, earning him some money (i.e., a cut of the product Pie ).

The completed project submission was voted through at our office product evaluation meeting , so we decided to develop it much further and put it onto our fast track to manufacturing program .

Now, the invention he contributed to can be found in worldwide, and he makes real hard cash every time it sells.

Paul thinks of his best ideas
on the Ocean .

He used his passion for the outdoors to contribute to inventions that inspired him here on our inventions platform. A High tech GPS tracking device for missing sports equipment lost on the beach or at sea could be useful,. Paul’s experiences helped make more advanced technical inventions. Every time one of his contributions was picked, he earned a portion of the money (i.e., a cut of the product pie revenue).

Some of the best ideas he submitted contributed to the end product and got voted through at our product evaluation meetings, and quickly moved forward through our process to become real products. Wow Success by working together with us!

Paul had a hand in creating several of his best inventions—and he makes money every time one is sold.

Chris is a man with a mission.

He had a great idea for a product he really wanted to get on with. Before tried started raising money or putting together a prototype, he used our platform as a collaboration tool to finalize his concept. He privately recruited Michaels a team and brought some of his skilled friends and colleagues to weigh in on his idea. Since he wanted to further develop and manufacture his idea outside of our platform , he worked with us to sure to tell his teammates his plans and work out a fair way to split the profits he soon realised it would be better to work within our structure .

When his submission was complete, we used the sketches, renders, and more to pitch his idea to potential investors.

Once Chris’s invention got fully funded, we and the team designed, manufactured, and marketed their product so they could start selling it. And now that it’s on the market, they’re all earning the lots of cash!
also two of his friends are now working with us and we are helping them create amazing inventions